Digital Forensics

Breach Investigation

After a breach has occurred, there are critical questions that need to be answered in a timely manner.  How did they get in? What did they take? What did they destroy? Can they come back?  These are all extremely important things to answer for insurance, privacy and regulatory concerns.  We have certified forensics examiners that can help answer all these questions during these frightening times.  We can assist with transferring cases to local and federal law enforcement and help guide you through regulatory and state disclosures if needed.

Employee Investigation

Sometimes employees leave on bad terms.  What did they have access to? Did they snoop around looking for things before they left?  Did they steal important proprietary information?  Did they steal client information?  Did they steal from the company?  It can be a very stressful time when a trusted insider abruptly leaves.  Many questions cross our minds when this happens.  We have certified forensic investigators that can help put your mind at ease, and also work with law enforcement and legal teams if needed.

Malware Investigation

You come in on Monday to find all your systems encrypted and not able to work.  How did this happen?  Did it get to our backups?  Did it affect any other systems?  Did it steal anything before it encrypted?  Is there a back door for the attackers to get back in?  Malware of any kind can be very scary.  We have the tools and the investigators to help uncover some of the damage a malware outbreak can create.

Threat Hunting After Breach

Find out if there is still evil on your network!  Many times, after a malware incident or a breach with an active attack, there are tools and traps left behind.  After an incident occurs and it is contained, it is crucial to find out if it can return to cause more damage.   We have the tools and investigators to help find evil hiding in your network and take it out for good.

Incident Response

You get a call from IT that the systems are down, or “acting funny”.  They go onto the device and verify your worst fears.  Someone or something is in your network right now causing damage to your data and your reputation.  We have certified incident responders that can help contain the threat and mitigate damage. We will also help to preserve the evidence and help bring they to justice. We can also help create an action plan to protect the network and important company assets.

Expert Witness

Our investigators are ready to help defend you and bring bad actors to justice.  Our fully certified examiners and investigators can help during a trial to provide expert testimony on an investigation or other legal matter pertaining to a cyber security incident.

Litigation Support

We can work with your legal department or external council to uncover or provide evidence to support a legal case. We will always follow chain-of-custody and legal requirements to ensure the protection of the evidence to an ongoing case. Our certified investigators and examiners are here to help.

Local and Federal Law Enforcement

Our investigators work closely with local and federal law enforcement, when needed, to bring justice to those who threaten your business.

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