Are Hackers like the users of THE FORCE?

The Jedi Code = White Hat Hackers…“Ethical hackers” with good intentions. These hackers are usually independently hired (Peace) to search for holes, problems or vulnerabilities in any given piece of technology. Upon finding vulnerabilities (Knowledge), White Hat hackers typically give the owner advice on how to fix them, or they’ll even take it upon themselves to fix them (Serenity) so the bad guys can’t get in (Harmony).

The Grey Code = Grey Hat Hackers…The people who look for vulnerabilities in a system without permission but with potentially good intentions. They might inform an organization that they have been able to exploit their system and ask for a fee to fix it. (Balance)

The Sith Code = Black Hat Hackers… Black Hat hackers are the ones with poor intentions (Passion). These people, like all hackers, have somewhat advanced knowledge of computers and use these skills to spread malware, steal credentials or wreak havoc on somebody’s else’s system (Strength). These hackers were not given permission to break into a system. Most cyber criminals have hopes of financial gain by holding someone else’s data “hostage” and requiring compensation as a ransom or using credentials to gain access to a bank account that is not theirs (Victory). Another reason might be for the pure thrill of exercising their skills and knowledge in the performance of illegal acts (Power).

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