Nissan is examining whether source code for its North American division’s mobile apps, marketing tools and more have leaked online, the company said.

“We are aware of a claim regarding a reported improper disclosure of Nissan’s confidential information and source code,” said a Nissan spokesperson. “We take this type of matter seriously and are conducting an investigation.”

Tillie Kottmann, a software engineer, publicized the apparently leaked information earlier this week on Twitter and Telegram. They told CyberScoop the information came via a “severely mismanaged” server that had the username and password of “admin:admin.”

“I was informed about the server by an anonymous source but acquired it myself and can thus mostly verify it,” Kottmann said via a Twitter direct message exchange. Kottmann said they also heard some ex-Nissan employees recognized projects there.

Poorly configured servers are a common source of online data leaks, in recent months afflicting Razer, medical scans, hotel guests, dating websites and more.

On Monday, Kottmann said the server exposed a broad range of data.

Nissan Canada previously suffered a data breach in 2017.

Kottmann, a Swiss IT consultant and developer, has previously publicized security shortcomings at Deloitte, Mercedes-Benz, Intel and elsewhere.

The technology news site ZDNet first reported on the incident Wednesday.

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